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turned that mo’fucker down like a boss doe c: ♥

turned that mo’fucker down like a boss doe c: ♥

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well this is me andrea I redo high fives if they weren't good enough the first time, Being Hyper!, "Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy... WHAT!!... hi!, "Send failed would you like to retry?" Well obviously..., I Hate When One String of My Hoodie Becomes Longer Than the Other., I hate it when the good songs come on when you arrive at your destination !, I hate it when I can't remember what I was JUST about to say..., I HATE REALIZING I FORGOT A TOWEL HALF WAY THOUGH A SHOWER., I hate it when the shopkeepers look at me like I'm gonna rob the store, I hate realizing I made a mistake on a text after clicking send!, I hate the red water that comes out when you don't shake ketchup properly!, I Hate When People Compare Me To A Person I Don't Like, I Hate when I Forget the Name of a Song I Want to Download, I hate when people sit in front of me in movies and i cant put my feet up., I HATE it when i have a song stuck in my head and i only know like 3 lyrics, i hate it when you make plans....get excited.....they never happen, i hate when i text,wait for a reply,only to discover i didnt press send., I hate when people call you and when you call them back they dont answer, I hate it when you compliment someone and they think you're lying., I hate when my parents watch me while I am on the computer, I HATE PEOPLE THAT CHEW THEIR GUM LIKE RETARDED COWS, I hate when 2 people whisper secrets in front of me